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Stuffed pineapple

Stuffed pineapple

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I tried this recipe from a friend for the first time and it worked out. I'm sure it will work out for you too. Success!

  • 2 pcs. pineapple
  • 100 gr. rice
  • 200 gr. chicken ham
  • 1 pc. red bell peppers
  • 50 gr. ALMOND
  • 1/2 teaspoon coriander
  • 20 gr. fresh ginger
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • ground white pepper
  • salt
  • 400 ml. chicken soup (or cube)

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


The rice is picked and washed, then boiled in chicken soup. Cut the pineapple in half and hollow, and cut the resulting fruit into cubes. In a pan, in hot oil, add the garlic, freshly grated ginger on a fine grater.
Cut the pepper into cubes and add to the garlic in the pan with sliced ​​ham and sliced ​​and sliced ​​almonds for a few seconds. Mix the above with boiled rice and chopped pineapple pieces, season with coriander, white pepper and salt to taste. Leave to cool and then fill the pineapple halves.

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Regardless of the season, cocktails are in high demand when you want to relax with friends. Over time, many combinations of drinks have given rise to the most daring types of cocktails, but only a few of them have really managed to remain in people's minds through unmistakable taste.

An alcoholic cocktail is prepared with a spirit base, in general, the most used drinks being rum, vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey or liqueur. This base can be combined with other alcoholic beverages, but with a slightly lower volume of alcohol, followed by natural juices, syrups, honey, spices, milk, etc.

The best cocktails are already universally known and very easy to prepare even at home. We start the top of the best cocktails with the famous Mojito. This cocktail can be prepared in various ways, and over time, depending on the bartender who prepares it, this cocktail can be prepared differently, each bartender choosing to put his "signature" on the drink he prepares.

But, mojitoThe traditional one is originally from Cuba and was thought of as a refreshing summer drink, with mint and lime among the ingredients. It is based on only 5 ingredients:

  • a file
  • mint leaves
  • ice
  • mineral water
  • 50 ml of rum
  • two teaspoons of brown sugar

Its preparation is very simple, and the result is obtained with half the costs you would have if you chose to drink the same cocktail at the restaurant. How to make Mojito:

Put the teaspoons of brown sugar in the glass, add the lime cut into 8 cubes, add the mint leaves and then grind all these ingredients so that the flavors can mix as well as possible. When you're done add the rum, crushed ice, top with mineral water and voila! You have a delicious mojito that you can enjoy at any time with friends. If you want it to look as real as possible, like the ones in the restaurant, you can decorate the glass with a few mint leaves and a slice of lime.

Number two: Sex on the beach. A cocktail with a slightly more non-conformist name, but which has won many consumers globally. Its unmistakable aroma has always made it the star of parties, being very easy to prepare.

If you want to impress your friends, but still not spend too much time in the kitchen preparing drinks, Sex on the beach is the answer for you. Necessary ingredients:

  • 20 ml peach liqueur
  • 5 ml grenadine liqueur
  • ice cubes
  • 20 ml pineapple juice
  • 50 ml orange juice
  • 30 ml vodka

How to prepare Sex on the beach: You will first need a shaker where you will put the ice cubes next to all the ingredients and then you will mix them until the ice melts. What could be easier than that? The result is tailor-made, and if you want to impress as much as possible, you can always choose to decorate the glass with a slice of orange or a pineapple.

Margarita - as well known as the ones above, this cocktail always appears even on TV, in movies and series, being especially a standard of girls' outings in the city. With an elegant look, it can be used even at more "fancy" parties. Ingredient:

  • 10 ml triple sec
  • ice cubes
  • salt
  • 30 ml of tequila
  • a file

How is it prepared Margarita: put in a tequila shaker, along with the lime juice, triple dry and 4-5 ice cubes and stir until the ice melts (as in the case of the cocktail Sex on the beach). When you're done, take the glass specific to this drink, moisten its mouth with a slice of lime, and then place it face down on a plate of salt so that it sticks to the glass. Add the contents, decorate with an olive and you're done! You enjoy a Margarita genuine!

Bloody Mary - the drink that does not have the same recipe everywhere. Extremely famous all over the world, this extremely nutritious cocktail can be prepared differently depending on the country and consumer preferences. The difference is made by the tomato juice used. Some people choose to use sweet tomato juice, and others choose spicy tomato juice. The whole list of ingredients:

  • ground black pepper
  • 5-10 ml of lemon juice
  • 50 ml of vodka
  • 150 ml of tomato juice
  • celery
  • ice cubes
  • two drops of Tabasco sauce
  • two drops of Worcestershire sauce

How to prepare Bloody Mary: Take a glass, fill it with ice over which you add vodka along with lemon juice, tomato juice and Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces. Mix all these ingredients well, and at the end add the ground pepper (about a teaspoon).

Cosmopolitan - a simple but elegant cocktail, which accustomed consumers with an unmistakable taste and a special appearance due to its colors. It has a fruity taste, which makes it perfect for an evening when you want to relax in the city or maybe even for an event.

What you need to prepare a Cosmopolitan:

  • 20 ml triple sec
  • 5 ml grenadine
  • half a lime
  • ice cubes
  • 30 ml of vodka

How to prepare Cosmopolitan: Take all the above ingredients and put them in a shaker. The lime must be squeezed into this composition. Then mix all the ingredients well, and put the final result in a glass that we suggest you decorate with a slice of lime for a true look.

Tequila Sunrise - a cocktail with a history of 50 years, which was born on American soil. It got its name from the alluring colors it has, reminiscent of a sunrise. Necessary ingredients:

How to prepare Tequila Sunrise: this cocktail is prepared slightly differently from all of the above. If until now you just had to add all the ingredients in a shaker and mix them, here you have to be very careful when adding them. You need a glass in which you will put ice (3-4 cubes) and you will add the grenadine syrup. Then pour the orange juice carefully (we suggest you do it using the edge of the glass) so as not to mix with the grenadine syrup. Over all this composition add the tequila, again, carefully.

You can give a pleasant look to this summer cocktail by using umbrellas for decoration and possibly orange slices.

Screwdriver - a classic cocktail with only three ingredients. The advantage: it is refreshing, and the taste of the alcohol in it does not feel so strong. Ingredient:

How to prepare Screwdriver - Put the ice in a glass, add vodka and then top with orange juice. At the end, mix the whole composition and decorate it with a straw.

Mai Tai- cocktail created in the early 1940s in California. She has been a star of Hollywood clubs for a long time. In free translation "Maita" means "good", a word used perfectly to describe the taste of this cocktail. Ingredient:

  • 60 ml pineapple juice
  • 45 ml white rum
  • 25 ml triple sec
  • 45 ml brown rum
  • 15 ml orange juice
  • 15 ml of lemon juice
  • 10 ml lime juice
  • a teaspoon of brown sugar

How to prepare Mai Tai: Take a shaker in which you put all the ingredients except the brown rum. Mix them well, and then pour the composition into a glass half filled with ice. After this step you have to add the brown rum, and for decoration you can use a straw, a colorful umbrella and a slice of pineapple.

Long Island Iced Tea - an incredible mix of drinks. It is composed of three types of countries: vodka, rum and tequila. It has a tea-like aroma, from which it earned its name, and its appearance occurred during the Prohibition, when alcoholic beverages did not look too good. Long Island Iced Tea came as a solution, a more pleasant option to consume alcohol. Ingredient:

  • 15 ml of vodka
  • 15 ml tequila
  • 15 ml rom
  • 15 ml triple sec
  • Coca Cola
  • ice cubes
  • a file
  • 15 ml gin

How to make Long Island Iced Tea - put the ice in a glass, fill with Cola halfway and then squeeze the lime. Over all this you start to add lightly vodka, rum, gin, triple dry and tequila. Do not forget that this order must be observed, because the drink is not mixed, but prepared directly in the glass.

Black Russian - vodka and coffee liqueur. What could sound better than that? Simple and tasty. It came to life for the first time in Brussels, at the beginning of the 20th century, and since then it has been the choice of many people, being extremely easy to prepare and very tasty at the same time. Ingredient:

How to prepare Black Russian - take a glass down, like whiskey, in which vodka is poured and immediately the coffee liqueur. Mix the ingredients well and serve the result immediately.

Mayonnaise sauce, tartar sauce or remoulade sauce for stuffed eggs

Simple mayonnaise (the recipe here) is too thick and greasy to be served next to stuffed eggs so I prefer to thin it 50/50 with sour cream or Greek yogurt.

As I did with the marinated onion meatball salad (see here).

They fit just as well with stuffed eggs and remoulade sauce or tartar sauce. In our house, they are usually made at festive meals. These two sauces are based on mayonnaise but also have other components: sour cucumbers, capers, mustard, pepper, certain herbs, etc.

Eggs stuffed with avocado paste


Method of preparation:

Boil the eggs, then mix the yolks with avocado sprinkled with a few drops of lemon and yogurt. Skip if necessary. And that's it. You quickly made the best stuffed eggs.

Avocado paste for egg filling

Stuffed pineapple

The whole idea of ​​stuffed pineapple started from the pictures of Dana (aka gaga), a great master in culinary art. As of all the ingredients she listed there, I only had noodles and pineapple, I decided to change the whole recipe and make it according to my current appetite: something sweet and sour.

To sweeten your evening, you need:
& # 8211 a whole medium pineapple
& # 8211 a big green sea
& # 8211 4 noodle rings
& # 8211 a bell pepper
& # 8211 3-4 boneless chicken legs (just as well you can put chicken breast)
& # 8211 olive oil (I recently discovered an oregano olive oil, which I fell in love with)
& # 8211 the indispensable spices: black pepper, green pepper, muuuuulta nutmeg, Italian seasoning (a mixture of oregano, basil, thyme and other aromatic herbs)

The procedure is very simple. The pineapple splits, paying close attention to the leaves, which I kind of struggled with. Then dig out the middle and cut into cubes. Cut the apple, chicken and pepper into cubes.

In a saucepan, fry the chicken in olive oil and season well with salt, pepper and nutmeg. When the chicken is browned, add the pepper, half a cup of water and herbs. When the pepper becomes soft, add the fruit, mix well and leave it to its fate for about 20 minutes. Finally, when the fruits are soft, toss the noodles without mercy (boiled beforehand according to the instructions on the package + a few drops of olive oil & # 8211 for flavor and anti-sticking).

As we don't need plates, we just struggled to chop the pineapple, fill the pineapple with the composition and chop. That being said, I invite you to salivate on the pictures below and be fearless: the sweet-sour-salty combination is absolutely wonderful !! Tanananananananaaaaa

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