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Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos


medium white onion, julienned


can (14.5 oz) chopped tomatoes with garlic


chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (canned), chopped (optional)


lb of turkey (dark meat), shredded


can (15 oz) refried beans


cup iceberg lettuce, finely chopped

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    In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil. Then carefully add the onion, stirring until it’s soft and translucent. This should take about 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Add the tomatoes and the juice from the can, chipotle pepper (if using), and salt; mix well. Lower the temperature, cover the saucepan and let cook for 5 minutes.

  • 3

    Add to the tomato mix, cover the saucepan again and let cook for 5-7 minutes, until all the flavors have been well mixed and the meat is nice and hot.

  • 4

    Open the can of refried beans and heat them.

  • 5

    Heat the tortillas and fill them with beans and the turkey and tomato mix. Finish off with chopped lettuce.

Expert Tips

  • If you don't have a can of refried beans on hand, you can use a can of cooked beans. In a saucepan, add oil and the beans without the juice, mash them, and keep stirring until your reach the desired consistency.
  • If you don't have chipotle peppers but still want to give your dish a little spice, you can serve your tacos with red or green sauce.

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More About This Recipe

  • Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success in your house, but like every year before, you've got plenty of leftovers. In some cases, you end up with so much turkey that you find yourself refrigerating it and eating turkey sandwiches for the rest of the week. Sound familiar?Well, today I'll offer a delicious alternative to keep enjoying the turkey you cooked with so much love.Whenever I'm left with a ton of meat, I do three things: separate the dark meat from the bones; set aside some of the breast meat for sandwiches; and freeze the rest for soup when the weather cools down.The wings, thighs and legs give you dark meat, which is ideal for tacos. You won't even realize you're eating leftovers! In addition, you can prepare this recipe quickly and easily.I hope you like it!

Leftover Turkey Tacos – Because Leftovers Should Never Be Boring

Are you getting tired of turkey yet? Do you need a new way to spice up that grand bird that graced your holiday table? Are you just sick-to-death of trying to find ways to get the last little bit out of your holiday feast?

If so, our leftover turkey tacos are for you.

Whether you&rsquore trying to reinvent a little more of your leftover bird, or are just looking for a new way to incorporate turkey into your diet, this is the dish for you. In fact, you&rsquod be hard pressed to tell it was turkey on the first bite. Seriously.

Just adding a bit of seasoning and a little spice can seriously ramp up the flavor of any dish. When it comes to turkey it pulls the natural flavors out even more.

This has everything you&rsquove ever wanted in a last-time for this old bird recipe, along with a wealth of ideas for chicken or turkey dishes for anytime of the year.

Even if you&rsquore stuck with dry leftover turkey (And if you are, you should follow our holiday roast turkey recipe next time!), our method of simmering the leftover turkey taco filling in stock and spices results in tender, juicy turkey every single time.

In a word, it&rsquos fabulous. I highly recommend it. I mean seriously, how good does this look?

You need to try this. I&rsquoll provide methods for both leftover poultry and for preparing the dish from scratch, just in case you love the idea but, like many homes, have already gone through any leftovers from your Holiday meals until December. (But hey, this would be great on a New Years table, too!)

The household taste-testers (being my son&rsquos Lil&rsquo E and Lil&rsquo D) devoured a full half batch in minutes, with a startling number of &ldquooooh&rsquos and Ahhhh&rsquos considering the amount of food they had packed in their mouths, so I deem this dish &ldquokid tested and approved&rdquo. If those two will eat it, any kid will!

For me&hellip Well, I ate the other half batch while shooting the pics for the post, and I may have made about 6 or 8 one or two deformed tacos on purpose in the process.

Crunchy Baked Turkey Tacos

Let’s just talk about ground turkey meat, shall we? I am going to be so honest when I say that I don’t prefer it. Dry, dry, dry and oh-so bland. But people love it because it’s “lean” and it’s very much deemed healthy in the health food world. But it doesn’t have to be boring! Spice things up with these Crunchy Baked Turkey Tacos.

I am all about health foods but I will *never* sacrifice flavor when it comes to healthy eating. But I am also down for a task to make ground turkey a total rockstar and this recipe, I have done just that. The most wonderful turkey taco filling stuffed into grain-free tortillas and baked until crispy on the edges and soft in the center for the ultimate taco night!! These are a WINNER!

My entire family devoured these Crunchy Baked Turkey Tacos and I can’t wait to see you all cookin’ them up in your own kitchens.


Ground turkey is a very mild meat – similar to chicken or pork – that basically serves as a blank canvas for whatever culinary concoction you’re in the mood to put together. If you’ve had both light and dark meat off that Thanksgiving turkey, I’d say it more closely resembles the breast meat.

Ground turkey IS mild, so whether you’re using it in a pasta dish, making turkey meatloaf , or stufftaco cing it in tortillas you want to choose ingredients that pack a serious flavor punch.

I like to start with fresh chopped onion, since that adds a teeny bit of texture, then add all my spices. Chili powder, smoky cumin, oregano, coriander, and garlic set the stage for a classic Tex-Mex meal.

They’re staples in most store-bought mixes for a reason! Adding them into the oil with the onion gives each of these herbs and spices a chance for the hot oil to extract all the flavor out of them before they meet the ground turkey.

Ground turkey is available in a few different lean-to-fat versions, and the leanest (99% lean to 1% fat) is mostly white meat. These tacos are best made with a good mixture of light and dark meat, like an 85/15 blend. Using all breast meat just doesn’t bring the same flavor.

This IS turkey, though, so the advantage of it being lower fat means there’s the disadvantage of it drying out.

Unlike ground beef, we don’t need to brown the turkey before we add the sauce – just seal the edges of the pieces with heat, then let the turkey finish cooking in the sauce. It won’t overcook this way, plus it’ll absorb a little more of the saucy goodness by cooking directly IN it.

Most other taco recipes would stop here, or maybe add a few diced tomatoes into the mix. I took a little inspiration from the classic sloppy Joe recipe and created a savory, tangy, subtly sweet sauce that is, I think, what makes this such a popular recipe for my family.

Tomato sauce makes the filling nice and thick (which helps minimize dribbles out of your taco shell), and I add a touch of apple cider vinegar and brown sugar for that teeny bit of “sweet and sour” quality everyone loves in those messy sandwiches.

There’s so much flavor here you might be tempted to serve this filling in a bowl all by itself, but I definitely suggest loading up some taco shells with all your favorite taco toppers.

How to make ground turkey moist

  • Keep the ground turkey cold. Store the turkey in the fridge right up until it needs to be added to the skillet. Don’t set it out or let it come to room temperature.
  • Add olive oil, garlic, and onions. These ingredients not only contribute a lot of flavor, they also add moisture into the meat.
  • Add tomatosauce. A little of this sauce at the end of cooking makes the meat incredibly moist and adds a nice, rich flavor.
  • Avoid over-cooking. Because of the low fat content, ground turkey isn’t too forgiving when it’s over cooked it will become dry, crumbly, and lose flavor. Use a food thermometer and cook it until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

Turkey Tacos

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These are turkey tacos with the indulgence of fast food but the flavor and quality ingredients of homemade. You begin by making a tangy lime-flavored sour cream, then tossing together a chunky mix of cabbage, corn, carrot, and radishes. Next you create the ultimate ground-meat filling: spices and cornstarch cooked with flavorful, juicy dark-meat turkey. The kicker here is the double layer of corn tortillas, a kind of crispy-soft tortilla sandwich, filled with melted cheese. It’s quietly over the top.

Tips for Ground Turkey


  1. 1 In a small bowl combine sour cream, lime juice and zest, and the finely chopped cilantro and whisk until combined. Keep in refrigerator until ready to use.
  2. 2 Combine sliced cabbage, corn, carrot, radishes, and roughly chopped cilantro. Mix until well combined. Set aside until ready to use.
  3. 3 Combine all the spices with the salt and cornstarch in a small bowl.
  4. 4 In a large sauté pan on medium-high heat cook ground turkey until done. Mix in taco seasoning and combine well until all the ground meat is covered. Allow to cook for 1 minute until fragrant. Add water and mix again. Bring to a simmer to thicken. Continue to stir until the mixture has become thick and smooth.
  5. 5 Cover a small pan with canola oil and heat. Place a tortilla in pan and cover with a thin layer of cheese add another tortilla. Once the bottom tortilla has become crispy, flip the top tortilla over into your hand and fill with lime cilantro crema, coleslaw mixture, and spiced ground turkey. Enjoy.

Smoked Turkey Tacos Recipe

This week is Memphis In May, and they have added a new ancillary category – Turkey Breast sponsored by the National Turkey Federation. You can do anything you like with the turkey breast, but you are limited on time. So I decided to do smoked turkey street tacos. The cooking process is pretty simple, I’m seasoning a bone-in turkey breast with my Mexican Seasoning blend – but you can use any blend you like or make your own. Then I’m smoking my turkey until it hits 165 internal. I’m using a Thermoworks DOT to monitor the internal temp. You can check out the DOT here >> Once the turkey is done, I removed it and let it rest while I made my Fire Roasted Chipotle Sauce. Once my sauce was made and my turkey was pulled, I combined the two and allowed it to come together in a cast iron pot on my Traeger Smoker for about 30 minutes. Then it was time to build my tacos – I started with flour tortilla shells, then the turkey simmered in my Fire Roasted Chipotle Sauce and topped it with my Jalapeño Lime Slaw, cotija cheese, pickled red onion and crispy fried jalapeños. Here’s to hoping the judges at Memphis In May like this recipe as much as I did! Print

Recipe Steps

To ensure food safety, the FDA recommends the following as minimum internal cooking temperatures:

  • Steak and Pork 145° F (rest cooked meat, 3 minutes) |
  • Seafood 145° F |
  • Chicken 165° F |
  • Ground Beef 160° F |
  • Ground Turkey 165° F |
  • Ground Pork 160° F

Add the Ingredients

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Thoroughly rinse any fresh produce and pat dry. Break turkey into small pieces and place in provided tray. Top turkey with seasoning blend, pepper and onion mix, then marinara sauce and ¼ tsp. salt.

Bake the Meal

Bake uncovered in hot oven until turkey reaches a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees, 20-25 minutes.

Assemble the Tacos

Carefully remove from oven. Break up cooked turkey in tray. Wrap tortillas in a damp paper towel and microwave until warm, 30-60 seconds. Place turkey and vegetables in tortillas. Top with cheese, sour cream, and crispy jalapeños (to taste). Bon appétit!

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How to Make a Low Carb Turkey Taco Skillet

Heat some oil in a large skillet. Add ground turkey and onion powder. Sauté until the meat has browned.

Add paprika, ground cumin and dried oregano (my favorite flavor combination for any Mexican dish!) and chopped red bell pepper. If you want to know how many carbs in red bell pepper – it's only 3.3g net carbs for the whole pepper! It adds color and flavor too – perfect for this recipe!

Continue to cook until the pepper has softened. I haven't added salt to the recipe because personally I don't think it needs it – but of course feel free to do a taste test and adjust seasoning as necessary.

Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the turkey (I use a Mexican blend) and cook until the cheese has melted.

Remove from the heat and scatter over some chopped fresh cilantro.

Serve with shredded lettuce, sour cream, and/or low carb wraps! This is a pretty big serving for two people, although if you just had lettuce and sour cream and were super hungry – you'd probably manage it! When my husband and I shared it we ate about two thirds with wraps, and there was enough left over for me to have as lunch the next day – bonus!


In a small dish, whisk the chipotle Tabasco, tomato paste, and 2 Tbs. water. Heat the oil in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring very frequently, until lightly browned, 3 to 5 minutes. Add the garlic, chili powder, and cumin and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.

Add the turkey and sprinkle with 1 tsp. salt. Cook, using a wooden spoon to break the meat into small pieces, until just cooked through, about 3 minutes. Stir in the tomato paste mixture and let cook until the liquid is almost absorbed, 1 to 2 minutes.

Off the heat, stir in the cilantro and season to taste with more salt if needed. Serve folded in the tortillas with your favorite taco toppings.

If you’ve got more than 15 minutes, serve with Mexican Tomato Rice & Beans.

Watch the video: Opskrift LIVE: Mexicanske tacos trin for trin. GoCook by Coop (December 2021).