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Zabaione recipe of of 01-06-2016 [Updated on 02-06-2016]

Eggnog is one of the creams more classic than Italian pastry, it is prepared by whipping egg yolks, sugar and liqueur wine, generally Marsala and then cooked in a bain-marie until it becomes a thick and fluffy mixture. The eggnog it is usually served in small cups, accompanied by dry biscuits such as ladyfingers, thus becoming a dessert with flakes to be served as a snack or after a meal.
It is a widespread preparation both in home cooking and in the kitchens of chefs from all over Europe, it is in fact among the grandmother's recipes, thus evoking childhood memories or as a base for refined desserts. Its origin is uncertain: according to some, the zabaglione was born at the court of the Duke of Savoy Carlo Emanuele I in the sixteenth century, but the first annotation of this recipe dates back to a century earlier found in a Neapolitan manuscript.
The other afternoon, in full nostalgic mood, I prepared the zabaglione to savor again a snack from when I was a child, such a simple recipe, but with a unique scent and flavor ... what tears! Here is my recipe, a single tip ... use very fresh eggs;)


How to make eggnog

Put egg yolks and sugar in a bowl that can then be used for cooking in a bain-marie. Start beating with whips (I recommend the electric ones, but if you want you can also do everything by hand, the choice is yours).

When they are well whipped, swollen and frothy, transfer the bowl to a saucepan full of boiling water for cooking in a double boiler, over medium heat, so that the water continues to simmer.

Add the marsala and continue to whisk until the cream has thickened, becoming very velvety (it will take about ten minutes).

Your zabaglione is ready, remove it from the heat and serve it immediately, alone or accompanied by biscuits or amaretti, or use it for your recipes.

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