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Pink escalopes with mascarpone

Pink escalopes with mascarpone

Recipe Pink escalopes with mascarpone di of 06-03-2014 [Updated on 13-03-2015]

Hello everyone, today I give you the recipe to prepare delicious scallops with mascarpone, an easy to prepare and very tasty second course that will require the shoe with the bread so as not to leave even a drop of the sauce. This week is running a little weird, there is a hustle and bustle of people in my office, my husband is teaching courses and I make midmorning sweets to serve for coffee break and then I'm cooking a lot of new things both because this week Elisa was at home with her grandparents and I had more time to make ends meet and because this spring air is giving me a good boost. But now I have to leave you with the recipe of the pink escalopes and start sorting out some paperwork, my desk is always flat with something to pay or file ... and duty calls me. kiss Kiss


How to make pink scallops with mascarpone

Beat the slices of meat on a cutting board

Pass them in flour and put them on a plate

Melt a knob of butter and a drizzle of oil in a pan, add the slices of meat and brown them on both sides

Deglaze with a little wine, then once cooked, lift them and keep them warm

In the cooking sauce add the mascarpone, tomato puree, salt and pepper,

Stir with a wooden spoon and cook for a few minutes until you get a smooth sauce

Add the meat

Cook for a minute, turning the slices in the sauce, then serve the escalopes with mascarpone

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