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Cream ice-cream

Cream ice-cream

Ice Cream Recipe of of 28-06-2009 [Updated on 11-02-2019]

The cream ice-cream it is a classic, one of the most popular tastes, especially by children. Characterized by its intense yellow color, it is delicious both served alone and used as a base to make other delicious desserts and ice cream cakes. Usually my mom prepares cream ice cream in the Thermomix, I have no food processor or ice cream maker, but having a very strong desire to make it, I tried to make ice cream simply with whips breaking the ice crystals every half hour. during the freezing phase. Mum's recipe is really good and the ice cream came good too without the ice cream maker, of course, it's a bit more worked out process, but it's worth it. Then I bought the ice cream maker and I admit that with the creaming, the ice cream is much more frothy;)
Sorry for not replying to your last comments, but I came back today from a long weekend, but I will recover, I promise! For now I leave you to the recipe wishing you a good day: *


How to make cream ice cream

Cut a vanilla bean, put it in a saucepan with the milk and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Whip the egg yolks with the sugar until fluffy.

Add the hot milk slowly while continuing to mix.

Put on the fire and cook for 5 minutes. You have to cook the mixture without letting it reach the boiling point. Now add fresh cream and mix.

Put the mixture thus obtained in a rectangular pan then refrigerate for 3 hours

Put the ice cream in the ice cream maker for about 20 minutes, or as indicated on your ice cream maker.

If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can put the mixture in a tray and place it in the freezer for about 5 hours, breaking the freeze every half hour using a whisk to avoid creating ice crystals in the ice cream. If you have a thermomix after freezing you can put the ice cream cut into cubes in the jug and let it stir for 20 seconds at speed 7 and 10 seconds at speed 4: P

Serve the ice cream in the bowls accompanying it with a crunchy waffle;)

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