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Snackshot of the Day: Popcorn

Snackshot of the Day: Popcorn

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Photos of all things food and drink from The Daily Meal

Try getting creative with your homemade popcorn for a healthier option.

The Daily Meal's editors, contributors, and readers dig into some pretty great restaurants, festivals, and meals. There's not always enough time to give a full review of a restaurant or describe in depth why a place, its food, and the people who prepare it are noteworthy, so Snackshot of the Day does what photographs do best, rely on the image to do most of the talking.

Today's Snackshot is of popcorn. Popcorn is an evil, tantalizing snack. It's impossible to go to the movies and not order it. But then you end up finishing it (and all those calories crammed into that glorious "butter") before the previews are even over. Watching a movie at home? Just pop a bag of microwave popcorn. Don't worry, those are bad for you, too. Next time, try popping it on the stovetop andexperimenting with toppings.

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A Snack That Pops: Popcorn

'The Recipe Doctor' offers healthier options for a favorite snack.

Most of my girlfriends equate going to the movies with eating lots of popcorn. To them, not eating popcorn at the movies is like going to the pool wearing your swimsuit and sunscreen -- and not taking a dip in the water. It's just part of the equation: movies + popcorn = enjoyment!

While I don't necessarily feel the same way about movies and popcorn, I agree that popped corn can be irresistible. More than anything, I think it's because of that intoxicating aroma. Popcorn has a long history in the United States, too. And with the invention of microwave popcorn, it's safe to say that it's here to stay in a big way.

Popcorn is getting some positive nutritional press these days with all the (well-deserved) hoopla over the health benefits of whole grains. That's right, popcorn is a whole grain! The nutritional analysis tells the story (take note of the fiber and vitamin and mineral content):

Plain, Air-Popped Popcorn
(4 cups popped)

Fiber: 5 grams
Calories: 122
Protein: 4 grams
Carbohydrate: 25 grams
Fat: 1.4 grams
Saturated fat: 0.2 grams
Monounsaturated fat: 0.4 grams
Polyunsaturated fat: 0.6 grams (0.6 grams omega-6 fatty acids)
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, and folic acid: 6% recommended daily allowance (RDA)
Magnesium: 16% RDA
Selenium: 8% RDA
Zinc: 10% RDA

Trouble is, there's a catch when it comes to plain, air-popped popcorn: Does the word "cardboard" mean anything to you? These days, most of us enjoy the taste and convenience of microwave popcorn. But when you check out the nutrition labels on some types of microwave popcorn (like the "movie theatre" flavor), you'll notice a big jump in fat and calories. Take a look:

Orville Redenbacher 'Movie Theatre' Type Microwave Popcorn
(1/3 bag about 4 cups popped)

Calories: 170
Fat: 12 grams
Saturated fat: 2.5 grams

Creative Popcorn Creations

Melt a little butter stir in some curry powder and a pinch of salt and sugar until blended. Toss with popcorn, toasted coconut, toasted almonds and golden raisins.

Chipotle Ranch
Lightly spray popcorn with cooking spray. Sprinkle on dry ranch dressing, a little chipotle chili pepper and a pinch of garlic salt toss.

Super-Easy Caramel Popcorn
Beat 1/2 cup butter with 1/2 cup brown sugar until fluffy. Place 3 qts popped popcorn in a large baking pan toss with butter mixture. Bake at 350ºF for 8 minutes or until crisp.

Or make your own creation with one or more of any of these seasonings. Just toss popcorn with a little melted butter or lightly spray with cooking spray, then sprinkle with:
Garlic salt
Parmesan cheese
Dry taco seasoning mix
Dry ranch-style seasoning mix
Lemon pepper
Herbs: oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme and crushed rosemary
Cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg

13 Holiday Popcorn Recipes for Gifts or Christmas Treats

I’m not sure how popcorn came to be a holiday food. But I remember always being super excited if someone happened to give our family one of those giant tins of popcorn. The kind with the 3 different flavors.

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You can still find those tins at the store, but today I get more excited about homemade popcorn. And even more excited about chocolate or caramel covered homemade popcorn!

All of the recipes below are made using fresh popped popcorn, so first let’s talk about popping corn.

How to Make Popcorn (NOT in a Microwave)

Your first option is to use an air popper. They are easy, quick and don’t require any butter or oil.

If you don’t have an air popper you can pop popcorn on the stove using a heavy bottomed pan.

Here are some tips to popping popcorn on the stove:

  • Use medium heat
  • Put a good layer of oil on the bottom of the pan (we use coconut oil or olive oil)
  • Place 2 kernels in the oil and place the lid on the pan. When the kernels pop, the oil is hot and ready
  • Pour in the kernels and give a good shake to coat each one with oil
  • Unless you are making kettle corn, you don’t really have to shake the pot while the corn pops
  • Vent the lid a little to reduce sogginess

Now that you have a bowl of homemade popcorn, let’s make some fun, sweet, holiday popcorn!

Making the Marshmallow Popcorn

Step 8 & 9: Slowly pour about a third of the marshmallow mixture over the salted popcorn.
Step 10: Gently fold the marshmallow mixture in with the popcorn. Continue to add the marshmallow mixture a bit at a time, stirring between each addition.
Step 11: The popcorn should be completely covered in the warm marshmallow mixture.

Step 12: Now pour the popcorn onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper, foil, or a Silpat liner.
Step 13: Use the spatula to even the popcorn out on the cookie sheet.

Got Leftovers? No Problem: 10 Ways to Use Leftover Guacamole

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Had a party and have too much leftover guacamole? Have no fear!

From breakfast and lunch to snacks and dinner, we've got 10 Uses for That Leftover Guac:

But first, to keep the guacamole as fresh and bright as possible, squeeze in a bit of extra lime juice and place plastic wrap directly onto the surface. Press down to seal the wrap all the way to the edges of the container. Cover and refrigerate.

10. Deviled Eggs A healthier take on a classic

Hard boil eggs and mix the yolks with leftover guacamole before spooning back into halved egg whites. For an extra kick, dust with cayenne or add crumbled bacon.

9. Tomato Avocado Toasts The best breakfast ever?

Take a slice of the crustiest, best-tasting bread you can find and drizzle it lightly with oil. Place it on a grill pan and cook, flipping once, until both sides are lightly toasted.

Spread on spoonfuls of leftover guacamole and top with sliced tomato. And if you really wanna get wild, throw on a poached egg.

8. Avocado Pesto Fusion at its best

In a food processor, combine leftover guacamole with parmesan cheese and sliced almonds or walnuts. Drizzle in extra-virgin olive oil and pulse until you reach the desired consistency. Season with freshly ground black pepper to taste and use as a marinade for chicken, as a sauce for whole grain pasta, or over spooned over grilled fish.

7. Salad Dressing Avocado Ranch anyone?

Mix leftover guacamole with red wine vinegar and olive oil to make a kicked-up vinaigrette to toss with fresh veggies or stir spoonfuls into homemade ranch and drizzle onto a fried chicken Cobb salad.

6. Chilled Avocado Soup The perfect light meal

Add leftover guacamole to well-seasoned chicken stock and blend until combined. Chill and garnish with a dollop of sour cream, pico de gallo and lightly toasted tortilla strips.

5. Grilled Shrimp, Tomato & Guacamole Pasta Salad A hearty lunch or side salad

Cook corkscrew pasta and toss with a bit of olive oil. Let cool before tossing with guacamole, halved cherry tomatoes, and grilled lemon shrimp. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve cold.

4. Mile High Nachos It's not your fault you need to have nachos for dinner

Pile lightly toasted corn tortilla chips with black beans, sliced jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, scallions, leftover guacamole, Greek yogurt, your favorite salsa, and spiced shredded chicken, pulled pork, or chili. Dinner is served.

3. Grilled Corn & Avocado Spread The ultimate sandwich topping

Mix leftover guacamole with kernels of sweet grilled corn and dollop onto burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and more.

2. Southwestern Chicken Salad Buh-bye, mayo

Replace mayonnaise with guacamole to make a spicy version of chicken salad. Stir in red onion, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, and chili powder before piling it onto toasted bagels, English muffins, or bread. Lighten it up by serving the salad in lettuce cups or if you're feeling randy, add cheese and turn the sandwich into a melt.

1. As Guacamole Because why not? Regular old guacamole can be dolloped onto nearly anything. Serve it as a garnish for chili, spread onto a turkey BLT, as a dip for your breakfast quesadilla, dolloped onto spicy crab cakes, spooned into roasted portobello mushrooms, or piled onto skirt steak fajitas.

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Crows, which are essentially licorice-flavored gumdrops, are definitely an acquired taste, though they were quite popular back in the day. Although they've been around since the late 1800s, when they were called "Mason Black Crows," they only became a movie theater concession staple starting in 1972. That's when Crows was bought by Tootsie Roll Industries, which brought them into theaters.

DOTS are the chewy, cone-shaped, fruit-flavored version of Crows. They were introduced in 1945 as a "fruity spinoff" of Crows, with the same flavors as today: cherry, strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange. As with Crows, DOTS entered movie theaters only after Tootsie purchased the company in 1972. But DOTS, as any moviegoer knows, are still here today.

Snapshot: Then. and Now

Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn has had some major changes since it was founded in 1984 by Lisa herself!

Of course, Lisa started this business from the ground up, creating almost all of the unique and delicious flavors we still have today, such as Caramel and Sugar Cookie. Then, in 2016, Zack and Brooke Call, Lisa’s son and daughter-in-law bought the business and took over.

However, for 32 years Lisa was successful in creating and selling the best popcorn in the world. The shop is now almost unrecognizable compared to what it first looked like! Pictured is what the shop looked like quite a while ago. You might be able to spot flavors we used to make such as pistachio, lavender, and even our toffees and pretzels. Since then we have created new flavors, cut out old ones, and redone the shop multiple times. If you haven’t visited us in a while, you may not be able to recognize that it’s really Lisa’s! But when you taste the same homemade flavors and colors of our famous popcorn - you'll know.

Our team has also grown, from quite literally a handful of workers to over twenty, but no matter how much Lisa’s Passion for Popcorn grows we promise you will still be helped with a smile!

These are some of our first team members Zack and Brooke worked with - and some they still work with!

Once Lisa’s started rapidly growing Brooke and Zack decided a remodel was needed. In fact, we actually had a few remodels. Two upstairs in the shop that you see, and one in the basement which is now the office space for our sales team and marketing members. Of course we brightened it up with the inspiring words of our team values.

23 Different Vegan Popcorn Recipes to Enjoy Tonight!

Now you know the key points:

a complete history of popcorn,

and the tools you need to make the perfect batch right at home!

All that’s left is digging into these tasty vegan popcorn recipes.

When it comes to enjoying popcorn there are usually 2 main camps that people stand by—

Sweet popcorn vs. savory popcorn.

No matter what your preference is, we guarantee you’ll be tempted to try at least a few from each list.

More Things to Do With Popcorn

So we&aposve broken down the major (and not so major) methods for making popcorn. But we&aposve haven&apost even discovered all the fun things you can do to dress it up! If you&aposre looking for popcorn inspiration, look no further. 

Those who like heat (and a little zest) will love this Sriracha-Lime Popcorn. Italian lovers look no further than this Italian Popcorn with Parmesan made with olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic salt, and freshly grated Parmigiano cheese.  And of course we can&apost forget snack mix and popcorn balls. Browse our entire collection of popcorn recipes for more inspiration. 

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