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What the 1% Eats at the Ballpark Slideshow

What the 1% Eats at the Ballpark Slideshow

Dodger Stadium — Los Angeles

The United Club Suite experience here is about as good as it gets, according to many guests. It's not only the excellent service that makes visitors feel like A-listers, but fans will be blown away with seats so close to the players that you can hear them talking to each other. The indoor all-you-can-eat buffet includes endless prime rib and grilled portabellos. If you haven't stuffed yourself enough, back in your seat you can load up on Dodger Dogs, peanuts, and popcorn from the waitstaff.

Top Tier Luxury Suite Price: Renting out a United Club Suite for a Premium game day will cost $5,000 for you and 18 guests, including an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Staples Center — Los Angeles

While basketball lovers can’t eat Kobe beef while watching Kobe in the luxury suites at The Staples Center, they can find other delicacies on the 29-page catering menu devised by food partner Levy Restaurants. Menu packages include foodie-friendly themes like "Farm-to-Fork," which features a farmstead cheese tray; there's even a gluten-free snack basket. But what's really popular is the dessert cart that rolls suite to suite, loaded with giant taffy apples, pies, and treats like the Gimme S'More Cake. Now that's really suite!

Top Tier Luxury Suite Price: A Luxury Suite at the STAPLES Center costs $8,000 to accommodate 20 fans during a Premium game.

Safeco Field - Seattle

Watching the Seattle Mariners play baseball from a luxury suite feels even farther from the madding crowds when your meal package includes items like a portabello mushroom stack with Boursin cheese and red pepper coulis. Still, die-hard fans will tell you it's a must to get the park's classic Ivar Dog — fried cod layered with coleslaw and tartar sauce on a fresh roll.

Top Tier Luxury Suite Price: The Press Box Suite will run you $500 a head during a Premium game and can hold 18-25 people, plus it includes access to Wells Fargo Terrace Club Lounges.

Nationals Park — Washington, D.C.

This state-of-the art ballpark has varied menu selections available in their luxury suites, which are named after various presidents. Options include a Mediterranean menu, which features a basmati rice entrée sautéed with lentils and tomatoes, and angel hair pasta. The good food — along with extensive wine and beer list — make watching a lot easier if the team doesn't win.

Top Tier Luxury Suite Price: A seat inside the Lexus Presidents Club costs $400 during Marquee games and includes a chef’s table buffet, complimentary draft beer and house wine, and an autograph session.

Wrigley Field — Chicago

In a brilliant display of entrepreneurship, a Cubs-endorsed building developer decided to open luxury suites in the Rooftop Club, right outside of storied Wrigley Field in Chicago. Fans are treated to an unobstructed diamond view and ballpark classics with a twist: skirt steak sandwiches, Wisconsin-style brats, and Kobe beef burgers served on brioche buns. Fat Tire is on tap!

Top Tier Luxury Suite Price: Renting out The Grand Slam Suite for a Marquee game will run you and 55 of your closest friends $16,200 with the Premier catering package.

AT&T Park — San Francisco

A mini-museum of baseball memorabilia at the Club Level will get you in the proper mood to view the game, as will the food; the home of the San Francisco Giants takes it to a new level, utilizing local fare for gourmet creations. It’s been reported that a fan or two has snuck onto the Club Level just for the strawberry shortcake. But every fan has access to some park staples: the Dungeness crab sandwich atop garlic-buttered sourdough, and Gilroy Garlic Fries with fresh parsley and garlic. The stadium includes a variety of luxury suite packages, but all of them are catered by Bon Appétit Suites.

Top Tier Luxury Box Price: The Virgin America Loft at McCovey Cove will run you $17,500 per game during Dodgers Weekend, including 45 tickets, a patio, and a complimentary scoreboard message.

Yankees Stadium — New York City

The Yankees are known for representing wealth, fortune, and superiority in the world of Major League Baseball, which is why it comes as no surprise that their stadium would rank among the most expensive luxury boxes in professional sports. The food options include sushi, brick-oven pizza, and celebrity chefs such as Masaharu Morimoto and April Bloomfield have been known to be seen working the open cooking stations in the suites.

Top Tier Luxury Box Price: $23,000 for an Opening Day game including 22 tickets.

This coffee is for after-hours only! With a splash of brandy and Kahlua, it's the perfect post dinner treat.

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Slideshow: The shroom boom

KANSAS CITY — Mushroom mania is running rampant in recent innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic supercharged interest in the functional fungi as consumers increasingly seek more foods that offer natural health and immunity benefits. In fact, the global mushroom market value is expected to exceed $50 billion in the next seven years, according to a recent report by Grand View Research.

Mushrooms also have broken out into the adaptogenic space and are being incorporated into stress-reducing foods and beverages. Popular varieties include reishi, chaga, maitake, shiitake and lion’s mane. The global reishi mushroom industry alone is projected to reach $5.06 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2021 to 2027, according to Allied Market Research.

“Our data show these mushrooms are still novel ingredients, so they have a moderate consumer liking score,” said Kishan Vasani, co-founder and chief executive officer of Spoonshot, during a March 12 presentation at the virtual Future Food-Tech summit. “The functionalities of these mushrooms can be enhanced by combining them with other ingredients, and their acceptance can be significantly improved through indulgent formats.”

One emerging ingredient within the world of mushrooms is cordyceps. With potential health benefits ranging from a stronger immune system, more energy, improved endurance and better stamina, consumer interest in cordyceps has grown 86% over the last 12 months, according to Spoonshot.

This shroom boom was predicted by both Kroger Co. and Whole Foods Market in late 2020.

“2021 will be a breakout year for mushrooms,” Kroger said in its top food predictions for 2021, which it published in December 2020. “The versatile vegetable is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and can easily elevate everyday recipes with its warm umami flavor. Consumers should expect to see mushrooms play a starring role in a variety of new products in 2021, including blended plant-based proteins, condiments, spices, seasonings and more.”

Whole Foods, in its top food trend predictions for 2021 published in October 2020, mentioned mushrooms as a trending ingredient.

“The lines are blurring between the supplement and grocery aisles, and that trend will accelerate in 2021,” Whole Foods said. “That means superfoods, probiotics, broths and sauerkrauts. Suppliers are incorporating functional ingredients like vitamin C, mushrooms and adaptogens to foster a calm headspace and support the immune system. For obvious reasons, people want this pronto.”

What Is the Success Rate of a Pancreas Transplant?

More than 95% of people survive the first year after a pancreas transplant. Organ rejection occurs in about 1% of the patients. The survival rate decreases to 92.5% at three years. The risk of death from the surgery itself is low and happens in less than one in 100 cases.

If the transplantation is successful, the recipients may have a stabilized blood sugar level without the need for external insulin shots. The complications of diabetes, such as nerve and vision issues, may also improve after transplantation.

The potential lifespan of the transplanted pancreas is unknown however, at present, individuals are surviving for more than 16 years after transplantation.

The recipients with successful transplantation have a better quality of life with better psychosocial and career aspects, but these recipients won&rsquot have the health and performance of a healthy individual.

What is a pancreas transplant?

A pancreas transplant is a last resort treatment in patients with an established type 1 diabetes mellitus. It involves the replacement of an unhealthy pancreas with a healthy pancreas from a donor. A pancreas transplant helps in:

The pancreas is generally taken from a deceased donor however, in selective cases, the pancreas will be taken from a living donor. There are four types of pancreas transplant:

It may not be as American as apple pie, but ballpark sushi is increasingly easier to find, says Glassman. At Yankee Stadium, spicy tuna rolls rack up about 195 calories, and veggie rolls about 160.

While noshing, tear your eyes off the game and try to savor each bite. Otherwise, you may find yourself holding an empty container and still feeling unsatisfied. "A number of studies show that eating while distracted results in eating larger quantities of food," says Tran. "And at least one study showed that people who ate while distracted even had a hard time recalling what theyɽ eaten."

SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Coors Field, Denver

: "Infield Greens" build-your-own salad

Why it&rsquos healthy: Make a custom-ordered salad from a wide variety of vegetables, plus tofu, shrimp, or chicken. Just be sure to avoid a hefty dose of cheese or Caesar dressing.

Calories: In general, we estimate that a salad would be about 150 calories, as long as you go for greens over cheese and use salad dressing sparingly. Including tofu or shrimp for protein adds 100 calories 200 for the chicken.

4. Cellulose

Also known as: Wood Chips

Found in: Shredded Cheese

If one of the ingredients in your cheese were ground wood chips, would you consider it "organic"? The earnest folks who work at Horizon Organic do. On the label of their finely shredded cheddar cheese is the word "cellulose," which means processed wood chips. You'll find cellulose in most ready-grated cheeses, as it stops the strands from sticking together. It's often soaked in sodium hydroxide (chlorine) and categorized as a synthetic ingredient, but the FDA, apparently pining for the timber industry, allows its use in foods labeled "natural" and "organic." Bottom line: Shredded cheese may be convenient, but you don't need to be eating wood pulp. Buy a block instead, and grate your own. (And make sure you're staying away from these sleazy cheeses that boast their own scary additives.)

EAT THIS Organic Valley Grassmilk Raw Sharp Cheddar

NOT THAT! Horizon Organic Cheddar Cheese, Finely Shredded

What you need

Here’s what you need: 500g / 1 lb (or so) zucchini, 2 tablespoons each breadcrumbs and parmesan (store bought!), oil, salt and pepper. Just a bit of parmesan adds terrific savoury flavour and a touch of breadcrumbs adds welcome texture. The two little things that makes this quick recipe so good!